MTN BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry® App World provides an environment for BlackBerry® users to browse, download, and update different applications onto their BlackBerry® devices. An example would be third-party applications such as Social Networks customizes specifically for your BlackBerry® handheld device e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more.
BlackBerry® Application World is the official store of applications that can run on a BlackBerry® Handheld device

How to Access

To access BlackBerry® App World, a customer needs to have a BlackBerry® App World account i.e a BlackBerry® ID and a password to be able to login and download different applications available in the store. To create this account, you need to go to using your BlackBerry® handset and follow the instructions. Your account will be created and BlackBerry®  ID and password shall be given to you freely
Once this is done, a BlackBerry® App World icon will be saved automatically on your handheld home screen. You will be required to enter the given BlackBerry® ID and Password each time you want to use this service on your handset

Who can Use It

BlackBerry® Apps is used by anyone with a BlackBerry® handset that is fully activated to BlackBerry® Internet service (BIS) and/or BlackBerry® Enterprise Server (BES) or both (BIS+BES).
In case you phone is not connected to these services, you can visit any MTN service centre close to you to help you activate it.

What are the Benefits

  • It allows a customer to quickly download any application available in store. Note that BlackBerry® App World almost contains and can provide ALL the applications that can run on a BlackBerry® device such as different games, instant messaging, themes, etc..)
  • It is user-friendly
  • You can request an application from a friend.
  • Many applications are free
  • You can filter your search by category
  • Provides for IM which keep you in touch with your instant messaging application

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