MTN INGOBOKA - Secure your Family’s future.

Prime Life Assurance Ltd has partnered with MTN Rwanda to provide Life insurance cover to MTN Mobile Mooney customers and non-customers starting at a cost as low as Rwf 4,525 per year for a pay- out of Rwf 250,000.
This service is a Mobile Money product that is positioned to offer affordable Insurance products. It will enable beneficiaries registered by an MTN Mobile Money customer to receive a lump sum payment into their Mobile Money account upon the death of the insured Mobile Money customer.
In addition to life cover, the product also covers Total and Permanent disabilities caused by accidents.
Guarantee up to Rwf 1,250,000 for your loved ones when you are gone or permanently disabled.


Annual Payment (Rwf)

Life/Funeral Benefits Cover (Rwf)










Simply dial *188# and choose your insurance package.

You can only subscribe to only one insurance product category per year. For one to qualify to benefit from this policy, he/she must be a registered MTN customer.
The premium is paid as annual premium and the cover expires after 12 months upon which the customer can choose to renew it.
The claims * is very simple and fast. Payment upon death of the insured is processed via MTN Mobile Money or cash or cheque within 48 hours upon receipt of the complete claim documents.
Claim forms can be got from Prime Life Ltd offices or MTN service centres or dealer outlets or they can be downloaded from the Prime Life Ltd website



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