Magic Voice

MTN Magic Voice’ provides a fun platform that enables customers to change their voices with many options available.

Simply dial 196 followed by the number you wish to dial. You will be guided to * a language of your choice, rates applicable and all the various voices available.

Your ordinary voice is translated into the Voice of a Cartoon character, a Female, a King or a Grandpa. MTN Magic Voice also comes with background features Traffic, Romance or an Airport ambience.


  1. What is MTN Magic Voice?
    This is a service that enables you to change your normal voice into a fun and exciting voice while communicating with other people. (It also allows you to * a background of your choice while talking to other people.
  2. What are the different Voice Options?
    There are a number of Voice options, e.g. Cartoon, Females voice, Grandpas Voice, Kings Voice and Airport, Traffic, and Romance background.
  3. Who can use this Product?
    The service is only available for all Prepaid MTN mobile customers.
  4. How do I activate the Service?
    Dial 196+078xxxxxx and follow the prompts.  or SMS (MV1 or MV2 to 196)
  5. Are there any specific handsets to access MTN Magic number?
    The service is a network based service. This means whichever phone you have; you can access the service.
  6. How much do I get charged to access the Service?
    You will be charged Rwf 20 to subscribe for a day or Rwf100 for a week.
  7. How do I know and * the Voice or background of my choice?
    On activating the MTN Magic voice you dial 196 +your friend’s number e.g. 196078xxxxxxx and listen to the Voice prompts to * first the Language and second the different Voice options available.
  8. How much does it cost to download a Voice?
    You can pick a different voice option every time you make a Phone call or during a call and all this is free, all you need is to subscript for a day or a week.
  9. Can I change my voice while talking to another number other than MTN Numbers?
    Yes; MTN customers using MTN Magic Voice can call other Networks and change their voices.
  10. Can Magic Voice work while calling Numbers outside Rwanda?
    No Magic Voice customers will only have access within Rwanda.

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