Power your business!

Comeka ReadySet Solar Charger. New from MTN!   

Power your business!     

High quality solar is now a reality for everyone.

  • Charge over 10 phones per day
  • Light up your home for up to 30 hours
  • Start a phone charging business to earn more income
  • Enjoy late night radio shows

Change your life for the better with Comeka ReadySet Solar Charger.

What is the ComekaReadySet?
The ComekaReadySet is a portable energy device that can charge phones, power lights, tablets, and other devices that can connect to USB and Car Lighter Adapters. Designed in the United States by Fenix International and distributed by MTN exclusively, the ReadySet is a ‘plug and play’ device that makes it ready to use in minutes without the need for any technicians. ComekaReadySet allows customers access to have power. From charging a phone through to providing light in their home, people need to find a way to access power. The ReadySet meets this need plusgives them the opportunity to generate supplemental income. It can be used in the home, or as a business, providing the opportunity to earn RWF 30,000 per month by running a phone charging business plus save even more by not using dangerous paraffin for lighting.

What does the ReadySet Solar Kit include?

  • ReadySet Battery
  • 15 Watt Solar Panel
  • Mains Charger
  • Nokia & Universal Mobile Phone Chargers
  • Ultra bright 1.5 LED Light bar
  • 6 month Limited Warranty
  • User Guide

How can the ReadySet generate income and save money?

  • The device can charge up to 10 phones from a full ReadySet battery.  MTN’s research has shown that entrepreneurs can earn up to 30,000 Rwf per month or 360,000 Rwf per year in revenue from charging phones and devices. One can also save much more from not needing to buy paraffin or candles for lighting shops and homes, plus the associated safety benefits e.g. removing the risk of house fires and burns to children when using paraffin or candles.

How much electricity does the ReadySet hold?

  • Holds enough electricity to power up to 10 phones a day or get over 30 hours of lighting on a fully charged Comeka ReadySet

How does the ReadySet get its energy?

  • It charges from the Solar Panel or Mains Power
  • Fully charges from Solar in 6-8 hrs of full sunlight.
  • Fully charges from Mains electricity in 4-6 hrs

Where can I get a ReadySet Solar Charger?

  • The Comeka ReadySet is sold for RWF 115,000 and is currently available at MTN Service Centers and dealerships across Rwanda

What are common uses for the ReadySet?

  • The Comeka ReadySet can be used as a “business in a box” for anyone to run a phone charging business and power lights to extend business hours.
  • At home, the Comeka ReadySet can be used to power lights, radios, and phones.
  • For those who have access to electric mains, the Comeka ReadySet can serve as backup electricity and * the use of paraffin lamps and candles.

Key Comeka ReadySet features:

1) Simple to use

  • Designed for plug-and-play simplicity, you can begin capturing solar energy within seconds.  The standard 12-volt car lighter adapter and USB ports make charging phones and powering appliances quick and easy.  The simple yet sophisticated user interface displays state of charge, charging status & charge/discharge rate.

2) Multifunctional

  • The Comeka ReadySet has open-source ports to provide off-grid power for a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, lights, radios and tablets.

3) Powerful

  • On a full battery, the Comeka ReadySet can charge up to 10 mobile phones, or power a 5-Watt light for up to 10 hours.

4) Long Lasting

  • The Comeka ReadySet’s sophisticated electronics protect it from power surges, short circuits, over-charging and deep discharge to extend the life of the battery.  The Comeka ReadySet comes with a warranty that covers repairs for the first 6 months.  All repairs can be done at * MTN service centers.

For further details:

  • Call MTN Customer Care line – 456
  • Visit any MTN Service Center countrywide & Dealer Shops

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