MTN Rwanda introduces Ihereze, a new pre-paid credit service for clients

MTN Rwanda introduces ‘Ihereze’, a new pre-paid credit service for clients

NYARUTARAMA: - MTN has announced a new pre-paid credit service called ‘Ihereze’ that gives access to advance airtime to its subscribers in Rwanda.

‘Ihereze’ is a value added service that allows MTN pre-paid subscribers to borrow airtime on credit from as low as Rwf50 to as high as Rwf1,000 and pay back later. The service has been introduced to facilitate subscribers who run out of airtime and might need to make urgent calls or SMS or even browse their mobile Internet.

The customer is required to send a request through a predefined short code *151# which will provide them with the denominations of airtime available.

The service will then allow the subscriber to borrow the advance airtime, make that very important call/send that important email or message and pay later.

“MTN Rwanda trusts our clients and we can afford to lend them when they are in an emergency and they pay back later. Very often the need to make a call arises when a subscriber is not able to top up conventionally like late at night, in traffic, without loose change or even in the middle of an important call. The service offers absolute convenience, whenever a MTN subscriber needs airtime,” says Robert Rwakabogo, the Snr Manager Marketing Operations.

“Ihereze is inexpensive in absolute and relative costs, because quite often the total costs of physical recharge is higher due to the inconvenience of having to drive or walk to the nearest kiosk to buy credit in an emergency situation. With the varied amounts we are offering, MTN subscribers can be comfortable with short-term nano-airtime advances,” he adds.

How does ‘Ihereze’ work?
The customer borrows a certain denomination and the refund will be automatically done on the customer’s next airtime recharge via virtual transfer units or voucher loading. The below table shows borrowable denominations, related criteria and how to use the service:


Denominations that can be borrowed  (Rwf)

Minimum time the borrower must have been on network (Months)

MTN Service Fees deducted (Rwf)

Amount to be recovered by MTN (Rwf)





















Please note:

  • To access the service - Dial *151#
  • Requesting a specific amount – Dial *151*# for example: *151*50# to request for Rwf50 …
  • Checking the outstanding balance – Dial *151*2#
  • Checking whether you qualify– Dial *151*1#

The customer must be a prepaid customer who has been on the MTN Rwanda network for a minimum period of 3 months and must have used a minimum average amount of 200 Rwf worth of airtime per month over the last 3 months.

The customer must have no outstanding debts with MTN Rwanda and must make sure his/her line is not suspended or deactivated.  The advanced airtime will be used as ordinary airtime and cannot be cancelled. The customer can borrow as many times as they like provided they have cleared all previous debts. The customer can transfer the airtime to another subscriber as well.

About MTN Rwanda:
MTN is a global communications company and world-class cellular network. As a major communications company, MTN is specifically focused on the Africa and the Middle East. Serving you since 1998, MTN Rwanda continues to expand its network, offering new and innovative packages and services, and keeping with the latest trends in communications while maintaining affordability.  MTN Rwanda has over 3.4 million subscribers and its network coverage extends to over 98 percent of the population.


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