Call Forwarding

Want your customers to reach someone even if youíre not available? Call Forwarding makes it happen. Itís Free!

Call Forwarding is the ultimate customer-service option when your callers absolutely need to reach someone. If you cannot answer your phone for any reason- you didn’t reach it in time, you’re on the other line, or your phone is off- the caller will be forwarded to another number.

How to Activate

Call **21*number#

Ericsson: menu- settings-call options-divert calls
Motorola: menu-call related features-call diverting-select option-input no
Nokia: menu-call divert-select option-activate-other no-input no
Sagem: menu-calls-call fwd-select option-activate
Trium: menu-GSM services-call diverting-select option-input no.

How to Use

Once activated, if you do not answer your phone, your incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to the number you have specified.

What is the Cost

Call Forwarding activation is free of charge! Call Forwarding is charged at the local rate to relevant network.

What are the Benefits

  • Customers always reach a real person!
  • Back up each other in the office to make sure that all calls are being answered.
  • Keep things moving instead of being delayed by playing “phone tag.”