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This is the way to grow your Business; products and services designed specifically for your business needs. From our humble beginning in 1998, to being currently Rwanda’s largest telecoms provider, we understand what it takes to grow a business. The lessons we learned inspire us to help you run yours. From SME to Corporates, we are here to grow your business with tailor-made solutions.


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Hotspot Premium

Access unlimited Internet speeds on Wi-Fi with the MTN Hotspot Premium Monthly Flat-Fee Package With the new Hotspot offer, customers will be able to browse the whole month at 125,000frw per month. A client wishing to subscribe for MTN Hotspot Premium Flat-fee package has two options;

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MTN Virtual Hosting

MTN Virtual Hosting (VS or VM) is a hosting service that offers you access to use a virtual server on Windows or Linux Operating Systems without worrying about paying for licenses or investing in expensive server hardware. Once connected to the internet, MTN Virtual Server allows you to install any application of your business and you can access it using any personal computer remotely.

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4G LTE on Prepaid

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4G LTE on Postpaid

4G is the 4th Generation of mobile network technology, giving you faster speeds and an overall better internet experience. You'll definitely notice a difference when you're gaming, streaming, downloading and surfing. Read more

Business Call Assist

Business Call Assist is a virtual IVR solution that allows companies to automatically configure the management of incoming calls and to direct the caller to the relevant department according to their needs. Read more

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